Forever Africa (2006)

Christine Neubauer’s adventure in a bush hospital continues

The German doctor Katrin Berger, together with Sam Vanderloo runs a bush hospital in Namibia. After the unexpected death of her husband Katrin takes over his tasks and also begins to look after her late husband’s two children from a previous marriage, Lindiwe and Neo. Sam loves Katrin but out of respect for the memory of his dead friend he keeps his feelings to himself. One day, when Christian Lindenburg a new patient at the hospital, right away and unabashedly starts to flirt with Katrin, Sam’s jealousy is sparked. To Sam’s dismay Katrin seems to find her new patient, who made a small fortune with an inherited goldmine, completely charming. Suddenly a curious incident demands their attention: Katrin discovers dead antelopes at a watering hole. A close examination suggests that the animals died from cyanide poisoning and Christian's gold mine is the only possible source for the chemicals. Not long after Katrin and Sam succeeded in averting fatal danger for people and animals, Sam has a car accident in the wilderness and in the aftermath is bitten by a poisonous snake. It looks as though help cannot arrive in time. Katrin decides to take a desperate gamble: although she has only had a few flying lessons, she takes off in a small plane to deliver the serum which could save Sam's life.


Christine Neubauer, Francis Fulton-Smith, Götz Otto, Ronja Focher, Nonkos Frances Ndlazilwana u.v.a.


Peter Sämann

Sue und Wilfried Schwerin von Krosigk / Mathias Klaschka

Director of Photography
Clemens Messow

Birgit Gasser

Johannes Paiha

Christian Ring

Production Designer
Albert Jupé

Creative Producer
Nanni Erben

Wolfgang Hantke

TV Editor
Dr. Renate Michel, Degeto


6,35 Mio.



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