Follow your heart (2005)

It is at a pharmaceutical conference in Munich where Max and Katrin unexpectedly meet again: Former lovers, they lost track of each other 15 years ago, when she took a job in the pharmaceutical industry instead of sticking to the agreement they made when they were a couple to both work as doctors for a development aid program in Africa. Today Max runs a small bush hospital in Africa, while Katrin has a senior position in the pharmaceutical industry. After spending a night together, however, they both realize beyond any doubt that they have never stopped loving each other. When Max – half in jest – asks Katrin to marry him she spontaneously agrees. Max is widowed and has two children, Neo (11) and Lindiwe (7) back in Guguletho, Namibia. After their wedding Max and Katrin - much to their mutual regret -  are forced to spend time apart for a few weeks, since she wants to say goodbye to friends and family back home before moving to Africa. When Katrin finally arrives in Namibia she is surprised that there is nobody to pick her up at the airport…


Christine Neubauer, Francis Fulton-Smith, Timothy Peach


Peter Sämann

Sue und Wilfried Schwerin von Krosigk

Director of Photography
Gero Lasnig

Christian Bolik

Johannes Paiha

Production Designer
Albert Jué

Stefan Gauss

Creative Producer
Nanni Erben

Wolfgang Hantke

TV Editor
Renate Michel



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